Selling 60 head of spring & fall, non-dilute red and black
Simmental and SimGenetic bulls from February 23 - March 2, 2019

What makes the Buy Your Way Bull Sale unique?

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

Now that’s the way to have a sale!
I thought the sale went very well. It was easy to see what and where the bid was.
It worked good for us to be able to come and look at the bulls when we could and then think about it awhile.


  • Convenient  

  • Low pressure

  • Relaxed

  • Fair

  • Transparent

  • Simple

    We are confident these goals
    are met, but we always seek to
    make improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Buy Your Way"?

Simply stated, it's a hybrid sale - a combination of private treaty, silent auction, in person and online!  Approximately one third of the bulls are marked in the catalog as private treaty and those bulls are sold at their listed price.  [if more than one person is interested in a bull, a lottery drawing is held]  The remainder of the bulls are auctioned online [or you can bid by phone or in person] with a final, live closeout on the last Saturday. 

Why not just sell strictly by private treaty?

We like the personal interaction of a private treaty sale (which we find difficult to deliver on a busy traditional auction day)
but we also want to give everyone  equal opportunity to bid on the bulls.

Why is the sale a week long?

The sale week includes two Saturdays and (hopefully) plenty of good weather days to better fit your busy schedules.  We also want to be sure we have enough time to visit with folks about their operations and their genetic needs.

What other buyers' advantages are there to this sale?

In a traditional auction,  animals will be sold in a particular order, and seldom is that  order ideal for everyone.  With this format, all of the bulls are in the ring at the same time, so if a bull you are interested in moves out of your price range, there's  plenty of time (at least hours, if not days) to either adjust your budget or select another bull.  In a traditional auction, you may have to make these kinds of decisions within minutes.

Perhaps the most popular advantage is our early bid discount.  Bidders who place bids in the first half of the week are rewarded with a 5% discount on the amount they either bid or their purchase price [whichever is less]

More details about our sale format can be found here and this infographic may explain it better: