Hofmann Simmental Farms Buy Your Way Bull Sale Format

Every bull in the sale catalog is designated for sale in one of two ways:

1) Limited/Silent auction with a beginning floor price, or 2) Private Treaty, on a first-come, first serve basis at a set price

The sale designation is listed with the beginning auction price (marked ‘auction’) or private treaty price (marked ‘private’). The price boxes of the private treaty bulls are shaded in gray. Private treaty bulls will have purple tags; silent auction, orange.

Place your bids by phone, internet/email or in person. No bids will be accepted before 10:00 am, Saturday, February 24.
Find the auction link on our website at www.honestbulls.com. Registration with the auction site is required before bidding is allowed. Regardless of how you place your bid, all bids and private treaty sales will be published online (anonymously) for official documentation. Online bidding will be conducted similar to eBay or other online bidding sites, wherein you may place your maximum bid and allow the software to bid on your behalf up to your maximum (proxy bidding).
The minimum bid increment is $50.

Internet bidding/buying on all bulls closes Friday evening at 8:00 pm, CST.  (Bids will still be accepted by telephone or in person and private treaty bulls will still be available for sale after that time) A sale order for the limited/silent auction closeout will be available, and posted online, Friday night. Final closeout beginning at 1:00 Saturday at the farm. Maximum internet bids will be used against the live crowd on closeout day, so it is important to note that a high internet bidder could be outbid at closing. To prevent live sniping, we will always give the contending bidder the option to increase their bid before selling the bull. If you would like to be on the phone to bid on particular lots during closeout, please let us know by Friday morning, if possible, and we will make arrangements.

A bid sheet will be posted for each lot on closeout day with either the base price or previous (online & live) bids noted. (Proxy bids will remain hidden to everyone except sale staff who will bid on your behalf) Bulls will be sold according to our sale order.

At the conclusion of the auction, BIDDING HISTORY WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO BUYERS ON THEIR PURCHASES (upon request) to ensure the integrity of the bidding process. It is critical to us that buyers know their bids are being handled honestly and transparently.

Please call us with any questions you may have.

In an effort to simplify closing day and avoid some of the frenzy that can occur with a traditional auction, we are offering a 4% discount* for buyers who place bids by 8:00 pm, Tuesday, February 26.  [early bid discounts do not apply to private treaty sales]

[*Discount is up to 4% of your total bids (highest bids on individual bulls, combined) made during the first half of the week, but not to exceed 4% of your total purchase price. Discounts may be transferred to bids placed in the second half of the week if a bidder’s early choices move above their price range.]